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ULI UrbanPlan for Public Officials

In Fall 2023, the Initiative convened Government Leaders from across the Triangle in downtown Apex for a day-long mock development exercise that guided ‘development teams’ through a simulation that reveals the complexities of urban planning and development. 

UrbanPlan for Public Officials is an engaging workshop that convenes local decision makers for an interactive dialogue about the fundamental forces that affect the built environment and the important leadership roles that elected and appointed officials play. 

By taking on the role of developer, participants in the workshop get a chance to broaden their knowledge in the following areas:

the basics of a pro forma and funding of a complex project;
the economics of different building types and community benefits;
the different time horizons for the public and private sectors;
the risk associated with lengthy negotiations among all parties; and
the importance of a clear and open process in the selection of a private partner.

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