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Our mission is to educate students and professionals in the art, science, and application of building resilient communities, placemaking and sustainable land use. We accomplish this through practicum-based academics, sponsored research, and real-world application. We form interdisciplinary partnerships to foster public dialogue about community growth and development, fulfilling NC State’s land grant mission of service to North Carolina’s communities.


Our practicum-based educational curriculum ensures that students gain real-world learning opportunities, supported by faculty and real estate industry professionals. Graduates of our program are prepared for immediate entry into real estate development industry jobs.


Sponsored research enables us to fulfill our land grant mission in service to project partners and communities that benefit from thoughtful and innovative approaches to problem solving and design ideation.


We facilitate meaningful dialogue that identifies current and long-term challenges and proposes solutions that will support quality, sustainable, resilient growth. We strive to foster a shared vision for how and where quality growth can occur throughout North Carolina.